predicted method


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  • Chou-Fasman method — The Chou Fasman method are an empirical technique for the prediction of secondary structures in proteins, originally developed in the 1970s. Chou PY, Fasman GD. (1974). Prediction of protein conformation. Biochemistry. 13(2):222 45.] Chou PY,… …   Wikipedia

  • Chou–Fasman method — The Chou–Fasman method are an empirical technique for the prediction of secondary structures in proteins, originally developed in the 1970s.[1][2][3] The method is based on analyses of the relative frequencies of each amino acid in alpha helices …   Wikipedia

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  • Klincewicz method — The Klincewicz method [Klincewicz K. M., Reid R. C., Estimation of Critical Properties with Group Contribution Methods , AIChE Journal, 30(1), 137 142, 1984] is a predictive method based both on group contributions and on a correlation with some… …   Wikipedia

  • Rayleigh-Ritz method — In applied mathematics and mechanical engineering, the Rayleigh Ritz method is a widely used, classical method for the calculation of the natural vibration frequency of a structure in the second or higher order. It is a direct variational method… …   Wikipedia

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  • Observational method (geotechnics) — In geotechnical engineering, during the construction of earth structures (dams and tunnels, for example) the observational method is a continuous, managed and integrated process of design, construction control, monitoring and review enabling… …   Wikipedia

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